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The Best iPhone 5S Slow-mo Test Video

by on Oct.09, 2013, under Videos

The iPhone 5S can record slow-motion videos. This means only one thing: slow-mo boob bouncing!

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Perfect Cleavage

by on Oct.19, 2009, under Videos

Need we say more?

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Touch a Tit, Save a Tit

by on Oct.12, 2009, under Videos

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get informed, get a mammogram, do your self-exam, and donate. This is my kind of campaign!

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No Caption Necessary

by on Sep.03, 2009, under Images

If ever a picture spoke for itself, this is it.

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Men Are Born Like This

by on Sep.02, 2009, under Videos

Ever wonder why men have always been fascinated with breasts? Maybe this can help…

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Hay Fever

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Jokes

A young lady with a touch of hay fever took two handkerchiefs with her to the dinner party, one in her purse and the spare she kept in her bosom.

After dinner she began rummaging in her bosom for the fresh handkerchief, but it stubbornly refused to be found.

To left and to right she searched: until she realised suddenly that conversation around her had ceased and everyone was watching her in fascination. Flustered, she murmured,

“I know I had two when I came.”

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